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ALL IN racing is a new initiative within competitive cycling to increase visibility and inclusion for LGBTQ+ riders and which aims to become a standard for championing diversity in amateur and professional racing.

We will provide free resources for LGBTQ+ athletes and allies and will work with teams and brands to help grow competitive cycling by making it a more open and inclusive sport.

If you are an individual, team or brand and would like to know more or get involved please get in touch below!


LGBTQ+ inclusivity in cycling lags behind the sport’s responses to gender, race and disability. Homophobic language use in sport is still high and, in the UK, amateur and semi-professional competitive cycling maintains a traditionally macho lad culture that is not welcoming of ‘other’ people.


The current environment does not make competitive cycling attractive for LGBTQ+ people and puts pressure on LGBTQ+ people to hide or change their identity in order to survive in the sport.


LGBTQ+ people are, on average, less active and more likely to suffer from poor mental health including depression and attempted suicide than the general population.


Many brands, teams and organisations are unsure how to engage with the LGBTQ+ community for fear of efforts being dismissed as tokenism.


We all know the myriad benefits sport has to our mental and physical health. ALL IN racing provides a vehicle for companies and teams to engage meaningfully with the LGBTQ+ community and become a force for positive change within the sport.

The main tenets of the initiative are set out below - they're designed to be easy to engage with and are built upon basic principles of human decency. It's simple, common sense stuff and is within reach of everybody to get involved in!


Together we can make cycling a more comfortable place for those LGBT people already embedded within it and we can help the sport grow by making it more attractive to disengaged minorities to get new people to the start line.



Stop the casual use of homophobic language in sport


Follow a few basic guidelines on being good allies to LGBTQ+ people


Participate in at least one specific inclusivity event per year



Where appropriate, dedicate proportional sponsorship resources to minority groups


Share and elevate LGBTQ+ and minority voices in media proportionally


Seek out advertising directly to LGBTQ+ communities

Get involved!

The initiative is still pre-launch, so now is the perfect time to get involved - we can all have an input and can shape the initiative together. Every voice deserves to be heard.

If you're LGBTQ+ and have experiences to share (good and bad) and thoughts on what you'd like to see to make the sport more inclusive, I want to hear from you!

If you're an ally or represent a team and you recognise the challenges and want to be part of the conversation about what improvements we can make, I want to hear from you!

If you represent a company, large or small, and want to be part of the conversation about engaging meaningfully with the LGBTQ+ community, I want to hear from you!


All communication will be treated in strict confidence, and absolutely none of your details or identifiable specifics will be shared without your explicit written permission. All the contact fields below are optional and you are free to contribute entirely anonymously if you want.

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References & recommended reading:

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About me:

I’m Josh, an amateur racer based in Cambridge, UK. I’ve been cycling for nine years and earned an Elite British Cycling road racing licence in 2016 before switching to focus on cyclocross and I picked up some mountain biking in 2019.

Racing has given me a lot of great experiences, but these have often been set in a culture that did not feel particularly inclusive. The ALL IN racing initiative has sprung from my drive to help improve the status quo and make the sport more welcoming to people like me, whilst also generating new value for the industry and amateur and semi-professional teams.